Inspired Montessori Trays & Baskets Guide

Who’s ready to set up their Montessori Shelf?

I don’t know about you but sometimes the thought of starting your first Montessori shelf can get a little overwhelming. Don’t worry we have you covered! We are always looking for ways to make preparing the environment easy on the parent/guide so they can focus on the learning :)  We’ve tried out a lot of trays and baskets and these are our favorite picks for you.


iML’s Favorite Shelf Trays and Baskets


1. Mini Beech Wooden Tray

2. Three Dark Brown Trays

3. Small Woven Basket

4. Wood Calabash Bowls

5. 3 Woven Rope Baskets

6. 5-Piece Wooden Trays



You’ll find an affiliate link with each item, meaning if you make a purchase through inspired Montessori Learning’s link, we will receive a small commission. We use and love each item in our guide. You’ll be helping to support our site and its future endeavors. We appreciate you!

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