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Cinco de Mayo Shelf

Who’s ready for some Cinco de Mayo learning fun? We visited Mexico with the whole family last month and collected some fun items to make a shelf. Along with a festive freebie for you! So take a look at this and enjoy! Here’s the line up… Pouring rice work Rookie Cinco de Mayo Book by […]

The Importance of the Lesson

    The Lesson A large part of a Montessori environment revolves around “The Lesson”. Giving lessons whether verbally or silently becomes the foundation for hands-on independent learning in a Montessori home or school environment.  You truly cannot have success in your Montessori home without it. Maria Montessori said, “We must help the child to […]

We Dig Dinos :)

We are Digging Dinosaurs this month in our Toddler Homeschool Class! Come and take a look at what we have been doing!   As you can see, our toddler shelves are full of Dinosaurs! Little E can’t get enough of “dinosaur 🥚🥚” and honestly all things DiNoSaUrS. 😂 Because of his sensitive period for this […]

Plant Care Work

Do you have indoor plants in your home? Do your young children like to help water plants or do they spend time digging them up or playing in the soil more often than not? 😄 Children playing with the indoor plants can be frustrating but we have a solution! Show your children how to help […]

Object to Picture Matching

In Montessori classrooms and homeschool classes, 3 Part Cards and picture cards are used in a variety of ways to help teach vocabulary, word recognition and even pre-reading skills. These kinds of cards and the activities that go along with 3 Part Cards help to provide different ways for the child to internalize the information […]

When to Introduce Grace and Courtesy Lessons

In a Montessori Classroom or home, Grace and Courtesy lessons are continuous and vital building blocks that create a peaceful and cooperative environment. By giving brief grace and courtesy lessons each day, children become mindful of what they are doing in the classroom and at home as they move through their daily routines. Be an […]