We Dig Dinos :)

We are Digging Dinosaurs this month in our Toddler Homeschool Class! Come and take a look at what we have been doing!


As you can see, our toddler shelves are full of Dinosaurs! Little E can’t get enough of “dinosaur 🥚🥚” and honestly all things DiNoSaUrS. 😂 Because of his sensitive period for this area, he is spending lots of time during the morning completing activities not only on our shelves but also outside of our shelf work. These are things that we prepare ahead of time and bring out in a more controlled setting or they are field trips to help enhance what we are learning about at homeschool. Here are some of the things we are doing:

🥚We dig for dinosaurs buried in playdough, Plaster of Paris and ice.

🦕We free dinosaurs hidden inside baking soda eggs.

🦖We visit our local Dinosaur Museum as often as we can.


While little L is having fun too, her focus has definitely been more on the shelf work. Puzzles are her jam (you can find some simple dinosaur puzzles and other dinosaur printables on our Etsy shop) She also loves object to picture matching! It is a choice she will make over and over again right now.


Aunt Holland took pictures of our large dinosaur figurines for us.  We printed them out, laminated them and made these fun matching cards. We leave these on our shelf for independent work. This is the beauty of Montessori……we can find ways to reach varied interests at any given time.

However a child desires to work and absorb information is absolutely ok!!! Whatever your child’s interests are right now, we encourage you to gather together a few works that support them as they learn new and exciting things!



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