4th of July Montessori Inspired Shelf

4th of July Montessori Shelf Inspiration

While having a whole shelf dedicated to celebrating a theme or holiday isn’t necessarily a part of a Montessori environment, it is a great way to teach several skills and learn about something new all why bringing the excitement and of fun of the holiday or thematic study to life! When you include practical life activities, you are sure to help your child work on developing their fine motor, sequencing and language skills to name a few.

So gather some red, white and blue materials and put together some fun and engaging shelf work for your child. The shelf that we are showcasing is geared towards children 3-6 years old. We’ve curated several trays each with all the materials needed for our children to be able to create their own individual projects. You can easily do this too!

Always give a lesson on each tray or work so that your child knows how to use the materials. Model how to restore and return the work as well!

We hope our ideas will be an inspiration for your own trays and shelf!

Happy 4th of July!

Flag Poke…….Use flag toothpicks to stick into pieces of styrofoam

Bracelet Making….Red, white and blue pipe cleaners and beads

Paper Cutting or Tearing…Use cardstock and age appropriate scissors to cut paper strips. For older children, have them use the cuttings to create a mosaic

Eggshell Mosaics.….crush egg shells and dye them red, white and blue. Let dry and cover a large star with glue and sprinkle the egg shells on top. Let dry and cut out the star.

Mini Playdough Kit….Gather little red, white and blue objects and playdough and put in a little jar

Fruit Skewers..…Have your kids help you cut up some fruit and prepare a snack tray

Flag Coloring

Red, white and blue easel painting